A policeman wanders a trashed parking lot.


Talk about a backstory, eh? :smug:

I like it.

Do you need that much exposition for a single screenshot?

This was pretty cool. I like how you used the screen shot as a final conclusion to what had happened.

looks like he’s having a bad headache

I really like the story and picture.

Nice back story to the dark times.

It’s a story thing. Adds to the pciture. Gives it a tone and a story.

Although in this case, he should of made a story board.

Story was good though.

The infected in the L4D universe have horrible bleeding from all holes and headaches.

I like the story more then the picture.

Still a nice picture though.

Backstory doesn’t fix bad posing.
Be it good or bad, long or short.

Shadows are weird and posing sucks.
Lighting is also bad.
Put more effort into the posing and not so much in the story.

I feel the story is a little too large for the picture, especially a single picture. Picture is okay.