A Poor Man's Automatic Shotgun.

I’m Not sure that anyone has thought of this, but.
Make 6 Pipe Shotguns, and put them in your hotkeys, AND YOU HAVE AN AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN!
Now go forth my minions, break those kevlar squeakers! Bring them to their knees and make them beg forgiveness. And then whisper in voicechat…

um…that’s not cheap

Well it dosen’t require blueprints or airdrops, Metal is cheap if you’re in a good area, plus, imagine the look on a bandits face, when that puny naked with Just a pipe shotgun, UNLEASHES A STORM OF SHELLS IN 5 SECONDS!

Tried and it kinda works but the time it takes to switch is also kinda slow. I used to always carry 2 P250 so as to not reload in a fight.

funny and may help a little, but mostly funny)

But then your reload is 6 times longer

This is my Patented PIPESTORM Design. For use on raiders and shitheads.

At shotgun range if you have to reload at this point, you’re probably dead anyway.

the offset cost is if you die, you lose 6 pipe shotties instead of 1. but far less likely not to kill em:D

Can you fast switch pipe shotguns, like it used to be? Since they implemented the slow switch for weapons I just only carry one weapon. From my experience using any of the items in the weapons build menu, they cannot be switched to another weapon instantly. They make you wait for a little amount of time so this gets less interesting. Every time you fire it appears to start the timer over.

But yes, I have thought of it and have done it with 2 back in the day when it was instant switch. Have never tried since the switch.

To be honest as nice as this idea is i rather just not waste the time. The resources you use are way to high of a risk its better to just use that metal to create a real weapon and the wood to make barricade so you can have cover. Nice idea but not very efficient.