A portable hammer editor?

I was always wondering if I could plug in a flash drive to any computer and just run Hammer off of that. I know there are ways to make hammer run even though steam may not be installed. Of course you can’t compile and test the maps but you will still be able to create and bring it home to test later. Does anyone know the appropriate files to do this or how it could be done?

You firstly need the GFC files for the content which is a lot of GBs and overall I think it can’t be done.

You can do it off old hammer’s EG Worldcraft 3 But that only supports Halflife 1 And Quake.

Try and use

But even then you have to load crap loads of textures on to your Flash Drive.

Well I tried it at my friends and it worked somehow but when I went home to compile it failed. I guess it’s to much to put on a flash though even if you were using dev textures.

What are you thinking of, 512mb flash drives? Hammer + Source GCFs might only be under 4-8GB, flash drives can be bought in 12-32gb size.

this seems like an interesting idea and I have a 500GB external HDD, so…

Well I wasn’t planning on lugging that around ^^ However if I compressed all the files and downloaded them each time I could just save the vmf and the compression =O!

Why not just use Steam’s backup feature to store a Source game and Source SDK installer?