A portforwarding issue?

I host my own dedicated server, and I run it with a desktop computer. I have it portforwarded with 27015, and it works perfectly. When I move the server to my laptop and portforward, even if I replace the desktop’s portfowarding. The server is not ran on a port, and will not work. Please help me, I would appreciate it. I hate running my desktop 24/7 and would much rather host it on my laptop.


Do not forget about Windows Firewall. Close 27005-27017 (UDP) port range on desktop and open it on laptop’s firewall. If you have router - add static ip alias (LAN) for the laptop (if you don’t have it), then open same ports on the router for LAN ip adress of the laptop.

Find your router here:

This website is more dedicated to individual router configurations

How to port forward correctly:
Get your default gateway (open cmd, type ipconfig, copy your default gateway).
Paste your default gateway into your Internet Browser. Should be an IP like
You’ll see a login page, put your details in. They might be “admin” for username and “password” for password if nobody ever changed them.

Add the port 27015 to your forwarded ports list and specify which pc by putting your pc’s IPv4 address in there. (Found from ipconfig in cmd).

The port will only be open when the server is running, it sounds like you might be fucking up the IPv4 step though.

YourStalker is right. A port has to be forwarded to a machine’s specific IP on your network. If you want to change from your laptop to your desktop, you have to change the internal IP that you’re forwarding the port to. Alternatively, if you do this frequently, you could use a different port for your laptop (such as 27016) that way you don’t have to constantly switch the port forwarding rule on your laptop.

To clarify with a basic example:

If your desktop’s LAN IP is :

And yours laptop’s LAN IP is:

And you want to host on your laptop

then you have to change the port forward rule to forward to your laptop’s IP. If you’re not sure how to find the LAN IP, go here.