A pose inspired by one of the scenes from Irobot

Copypasta OP from thread :buddy:

Meh, could have done way better if I had the correct models and didn’t have to rebuild the car with portal props. So lets call all that stuff an ‘artistic interprention’

Only video I can find of the actual scene (beware of bad quality)


I love how you actually built the car ;D

But was there no possibility of a visible driver inside? ;s

Looks cool, the motion blur is quite nice, maybe a bit edgy but its ok.

The sparks seem a bit excessive(Not bad just excessive), altho I dont remember how it was in the movie(I havent seen it in quite a while) but the pose and angle are great.

Nicely done.


it had to read the title 3 times to realize that its I-robot and not iro-bot :v:

cool picture!

X D me too
it reminded me of the third Matrix movie, looks good

Built the car eh? Well made and well done!

looks good
although sparks should be going in all directions rather than one

The screenshot quality looks kinda low, but the rest is pretty awesome.

Pretty odd, I made sure jpeg quality was 100 and even took Targa’s
Allthough it might be my style of editing. I don’t really think of artifacts/colour tones durig editing.