A possible solve for KOS?

I was thinking of weapon holsters as mentioned before by others and also a carry limit for players;enough to be able to carry gear and maybe some resources. When you’re up for farming, you grab your wheelbarrow,backpack,an improvised sled,horse or your car(same would apply when you loot after a raid).The quality of the transportation device would also burden or fasten the player.This way you would know what players are up to.
For the KOS: i for one kill when im doing something in an area for a long period of time and i dont want spies and pesky laggers with torches or when i’m in need of resources and i see a farmer. I know for a fact that most of the kos are because of these reasons,with exceptions ofc. So with the resource transportation being a burden for most of the time (groups in cars and turrets probably wont be killing nakeds struggling to get a few kg’s of wood), if you kill someone to take their stuff that would put the burden on your shoulders making you an easier target for other assholes(same as you did). Maybe around a quarter of players or less(i’ve been playing this game for a while in alot of communities) are the kind who would just kill you for you to loose your stuff without them gaining anything;so in my opinion this would be a way to lower the kos + would make trading more reliable and demanded.
Tell me what flaws you see , your opinions and also sorry for my english

Simpler solution is having guns being visible on your character like in DayZ and CS:GO. Most people KOS so they dont get attacked first. That way you know if they can attack you or if they cant. Most of the problem is solved.

thats what i meant by weapons holsters, but that would solve only a small portion of the problem

When interacting with other players in a positive manner becomes more beneficial then killing them and taking their stuff, then your problem will be solved.

But continuing to make all the gear more expensive/valuable/rare only adds to the problem.

Having guns visible and a guy walking around with no gun is just an easy target for wood/cloth/fat/etc

Raar they were always easy targets,but considering the fact that you have to walk with that trolley back to the base would would make you consider if killing him is worth the effort. There are lot of factors (especially with the rust community) but it would make killing more strategical and not the first thing that would come to your mind when you see an easy pray.

Well when there is more of a benefit not to kill someone then you’ll see it decline. Until then there really isn’t much of a point to let someone live and expose yourself to getting attacked.

Adding some kind of sled/wheel barrow/cart would definitely be an interesting change in dynamic for the game, along with a visual representation of what is on your toolbelt. Of all the suggestions people have come up with to deter KOSing, these seem to be the least restrictive. They don’t force players to be nice or punish them for being cautious.

Only issue I see with this is what if you’re carrying a weapon? You’d be forced to push a cart rather than run with your weapon out making resource gathering even harder to defend yourself and it’s already bad enough getting shot when you’re carrying a load of resources let alone when you’re actively advertising you have loot and don’t have your weapon drawn to quickly defend yourself

That’s part of what I like. If I get attacked while gathering, I can ditch the resources faster and hopefully get away. Or perhaps the AK strapped to my back will deter the would-be attacker carrying only a bow.

People kill for the fun of killing. They like when you lose all your items

I am always disappointed when I approach someone in a friendly manner, and they open fire. Yet I am aware that it is very likely. If I have the time I always try to help people by gathering resources and building their houses, even if it is close to my own base. You could say that the shooter would have gained more by being friendly than hostile. I know that my way of playing is not the usually way, though.

From my point of view this is a game where the mechanic of giving a treat to the “good” player that doesnt kill left and right won’t work.
What i proposed,in essence, will make the roaming bandits stay a lot more in the open making them easier targets,so without proper planing they will soon start to lack resources. Not being labeled a killer on sight will have a lot more advantages.
Its true people kill for the fun of it, but if they are not getting almost anything in return (the exception being when they chose to take the whole wheelbarrow/backpack/etc) but only a bad reputation; if its not a >10 clan,they will slowly start to drift in less and less populated areas,making them less of a nuisance.

Its survival game…so survive

I generally KOS,it’s mainly due to the fact that i don’t have a mic anymore and it’s usually safer to kill then be friendly.

Though i know that sometimes people go overboard, like yesterday people were fighting over a drop and i was a naked.People would ignore me even if i was close to the drop and only shoot warning shots but this one guy decided to abandon the drop and chase me half way across the map while missing most of his shots.I hope he liked his new rock and torch.

I think the idea of having resource transport is worth considering to enhance gameplay in general. But not only will this not deter murder and theft, it will make farmers an easier target. Having to drag a cart back to base with the resources you just stole isn’t going to deter most of the players who KOS, unless you make the cart very slow and cumbersome… in which case now all players have to suffer, especially the beatnik farmers who do it more often.