A possible way to get L4D models?

I have a suggestion as to how L4D models can be put into the game officially. The first feasible option that I see, is to have a second engine, in addition to the first, to be determined via checkbox when booting up Gmod. Some of you might say, Garry dosen’t wan’t to split the community in two halves! Then I have a solution to this. The new game will use a modified L4D2 engine, but with Lua compatibility. This will enable it to be backwards compatible with STools, SWeps (hopefully), and SEnts.

But the new engine isn’t backwards compatible with my old addons/games!

This is where my new idea comes into place. Some of you may know of something called “GMount 2”. This addon somehow converts the L4D models automatically to be used in Gmod. Such a process could, in theory, be used in reverse, to import older models into the L4D engine.

Some addons, even with the Lua compatibility, will not work immediately.

Judging by the size of the community, however, I think I can assume that some of the more popular addons (smartsnap, advanced duplicater, wiremod, etc) will be remade for the new engine fairly quickly. In a few months, there might even be tutorials to convert whatever from the old engine to the new.

But people with crappy computers won’t be able to see the baller graphics!

A possible fix to this would be to use the upcoming (and presumably different) Portal 2 engine, with the above built-in backward compatibility. Who knows? With the Portal 2 engine, we might actually get the portal gun in-game this time. What do you all think?

Good idea. Let’s just call Valve and tell them to give garry all the L4D2 source code.

Uh… was that… sarcasm?

Doesn’t gm_mount have left 4 dead content?I dunno i haven’t gotten to download yet

Just get Gm_mount2, it works perfectly.

But the Engine needs an upadate anyway, Garry said so himself.

The new version of Source is being developed at the moment, so switching to anything L4D would be pointless at the moment because by the time all the bugs are ironed out, Portal 2 will be almost ready and Garry would have to start preparing for that.