A post-apocalyptic gang's hideout


This one goes out to my main e-bro, Deri. Keep on truckin’, boy.

NO BIGGIE, it’s very generic and orange. I am quite aware. :c

Thanks man. That’s incredibly nice of you. Really nice pic. Keep up the good work mate. :buddy:

could use something happening in the immediate foreground, but otherwise not bad

Really nice prop placement, I like it. :v:

Reminds of Fallout and The Book of Eli. Nice atmosphere except that ugly-terrible-badly-done tree.

Hey, orange and brown aren’t evil. They just have to be used with caution. Like every other colors.

Actually it perfectly fits a post-apocalyptic scenery, assuming our planet would have a saturated atmosphere due to heavy particles and shit send into air by nukes or some kind of giant and angry japanese dinosaur that would have so much pooped… hm, nevermind, you get it.

The picture isn’t bad but not very interesting too. It isn’t unpleasant to see and doesn’t rape my eyes, so keep up the good work. And by “keep up the good work”, I mean “keep thinking of post-apocalyptic sceneries, make some stories in your mind, good ideas will come”.

I hate myself for not having any original ideas lately, damn it.

Well, I had one but I would get so many optimistics I would probably never return to FP.

Thanks anyway!

That prop placement and scene is real nice, but the black bars are added in for no reason or purpose at all. Black bars are suppose to narrow the view down to draw more attention toward a specific scene; usually to emphasize the emotion or action. Not just to give some pretentious cinematic or dramatic “feel” to it with no reason behind it.

I do it cuz i’m fucking young, rebellious and incredibly handsome.


Zeraxify your avatar is creeping the shit outta me.

Also, your pic is pretty empty.

Terminator Salvation anyone?

Reno360 anyone?


I don’t see machines fucking people’s shit up anywhere.


The gas station scene ya fool. BEFORE the machines fuck everything up.

The machines fuck up a lot of things before that. Besides, Salvation was desaturated to shit, which this picture is not.

D’hohohoho, Salvation. What a disappointment.

Anyways, thanks for the comments guys!