A Predalien Swarm are about to invade a city

One of my better pictures.
Be as precise + constructive as possible please.


We’re fucked now boyos!

Pretty kick-ass rain.

Heh thanks!

i wonder if we will get the drone model sometime soon

Yeh cant wait till somebody releases them.
Any flaws in the picture?

I do so enjoy your Alien pictures.

Looks like the break from standing-alone pics did you some good.

Lovely rain.

nice lighting

Impressive rain, far beyond what I was trying to do.

Great everything, i love it.

Jeeze, as if one Predalien isn’t bad enough. :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice rain edit dude, and great atmosphere all round.

As mentioned before, the rain looks good.

The posing’s very good. But I’m having a hard time making out anything else than the predaliens. And why does it look like the right half of the picture is sobel filtered?

Thanks for all your comments :buddy:
Nice to hear that there arent any flaws :keke:

Ooh, nice one!

Heh thanks!