A (probably) simple DarkRP modification

Basically, I want to make it so that if somebody is TEAM_ASSASSIN

They have a list at the top right, sort of like the gangsters agenda.

In that list is a list of people they must hit (kill)

It is assigned by typing

Targetname MUST be the name of a player though, so say somebodies name is ‘Thomas’ and they type

  • It would automatically put their full name down.

Now, when the assassin kills their target, they can report back to whomever hired them, but if they kill somebody who wasn’t on their hitlist, then they lose $75

I hope that was detailed enough, I’d really appreciate this, thanks.

Very possible just ppl will ask for money for thier time.
Myself included.

Indeed Its Very Possible and not even that hard. It’s just that we get so much request like this. that we stopped doing this in our free time.


:smiley: It’s not hard… It just takes time. As Cold said too…

Unfortunately I have no money to pay, and the only thing that I could offer is admin rights on my server but that’s about it, sorry.

I don’t wanna ruin anything here, but in the shared.lua file in your darkrp/gamemode folder it tells you how to add different classes… I recommend you go from there ;D


Awesome idea too!

Only Seth can get away with that scam, don’t copy him :doh:

As the above poster said, there are instructions on that, however correct me if I’m wrong, but the agenda functions were created specifically for the mob classes, and unless that’s changed, then you’d need to look at that code and make a custom one to suit your needs. If you need more help than that you might ask it in the DarkRP topic.

I already have the class, I need to add function to the class.

I replied to a thread, just like this:

Look at the code, for the police’s arrest functions.

Probably in main.lua.

This doesn’t help me at all, I’m not even a lua programmer, nor do I understand the syntax (basic it be, but I haven’t bothered to try and learn it)

Telling me would be like telling somebody who isn’t a surgeon to look at a manual on how to do surgery, and then perform the surgery without any real training.

I havent looked at it, but you could simply copy paste it, edit where it says you have to be a cop, edit “arrest” to “hit”. No need to understand the syntax. Just change some of it.