A problem and a couple of questions

k, when im playing, no matter what map im on, if there is water, this is what i see

as you can see here, when i walk out, the little waves appear

and, when i get in the water, its all there

anyone know how to fix this?

also, on a side note, since i am new, i have some questions:

  1. most of the places i go, people spawn stuff, and i do, and i see a big error in red, how can i fix this?

  2. when i go to multiplayer, i click on the first server, and there is jobs and whatnot, what are all of the things you can type that do stuff, like: /mobboss and this makes you a mob boss, is there a list?

  3. i have downloaded some entities such as the jericho missle and such, but when i spawn them, they just appear in front of me, how do i use them?

any help is appreciated!!


I don’t know about the water, but the red ERROR you are seeing is probably something like PHX 3, Wire or SpaceBuild i think those 2 addons are the essential addons, well, wire and phx 3 is, but its complicated, you need to get Tortoise SVN and go to glua.net to get PHX 3 and wire, i got spacebuild elsewere, but ive not got the jericho missile so i cant help you there, also try re installing Gmod if you cant see the water textures, my friend did that to… I hope that helped!

k, i got PHX, wire and space build, it seems to have fixed most of the errors, but i reinstalled gmod, and the water still isnt there, any oter ideas?

You’re new here, but don’t bump your thread unless you’ve got something new to add.

It Might be a Missing texture.
Did you download anything at all before this missing water oocured?

i dont remember what i downloaded before the water went missing

Take your addons away, somewhere like the desktop, and then run it again.

i actually tried that, i even uninstalled steam and gmod all together, all files gone, then reinstalled both, and the water is still gone