A problem with Avon's Stargate mod

Hello guys, I’m pretty new to gmod so please forgive me if i ask anything stupid. But the problem I’m getting is this:

I load a map, I put some stargates in and they work when tested. I then save the game and exit. When I reload that map, the stargates ive put in don’t work. On the list of available stargates in the dhd they are all there but when clicked on (or dialled manually) the stargate just doesn’t respond or do anything.

Is there anyone who knows a fix for this?

Never use saved games in gmod. When you reload it, anything you’ve built, especially if it uses an addon, rarely works. It’s a far better idea to use the advanced duplicator, and save your work that way.

Ok, I understand how I’m able to save objects with that but is there a way of saving the whole map with that so when I press reload or whatever everything that I put in before comes back and is located where I had placed it?

I believe either shift or some other key allows you to select multiple entities. You can also just nocollide each gate to one another, so that when you select one you’ll select them all. There’s no way to select the entire contents of a map as far as I know, but when you load the dupe on the map it was created on, there’s an option to ‘paste at original location.’

Ok thanks, I’ll give it a try