A problem with Cider.

Hello, I was just wondering if it was possible to actually even be able to play cider in single player mode. I have partially scripted a few extra features to Cider and i will need to test them out before i buy my server in a few months… Every time i set up my Database properly (I have done this before so I know what I’m doing…) I still get the “Press jump to rejoin” Page witch indicates my Database isn’t set up properly. The problem may even just be that cider will not work at all in single player. This is my question, is it actually possible? and if so, how?

Thanks for reading.

You could, you just need to get the module it requires (gm_tmysql) and install it to the correct place within your Gmod folder.

Thanks for the reply.
But the gm_tmysql is in the correct place… it’s in Lua/includes/modules.

EDIT: I’m getting this Error:

[gamemodes\cider\gamemode\core\libraries\sv_player.lua:585] attempt to concatenate field 'MySQL Table' (a nil value)(Hook: PlayerInitialSpawn)

You have the libmysql too?

Also, I believe the error was some problem with the server configuration file.

Yep, the libmysql is in the correct place too.


And that error can’t be a problem with the configuration file, all of the things are correct?