A Problem with garrysmod (Virus Problem)

Yo guys, today i got a message from my anti-virus that garrysmod got a virus inside the “bin” folder.

“D:\Steam\SteamApps\ACC NAME\garrysmod\garrysmod\bin”

The infected file: “mssmp3.asi”

I made a screenshot from that: http://www.imagenetz.de/f9baff04c/Screenshot.rar.html [—Link Removed “Valve found a problem in the file witch operate the antivirus and they fixed it”—]

My anti-virus killed the file, but i want to know why this happened.

No i dont modded the bin files anyway.
No i doesnt extract any files into the bin folder.

I love garrysmod and i played it since 2008 and i never got a message like that. I hope its just a mistake from my anti-virus.

I hope i will get an answer from Garry, if he will see this.

I hope too.

Valve found a problem in the “Mss32.dll” so this is fixed now.

Valve: “Fixed some players not being able to launch the game due to a problem with Mss32.dll”

The link will get removed now.

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