A problem with view model

Hi guys. Im trying to port a weapon to gmod, its almost done, but i have a problem with a view model in game. I cant see a model. When i take it in hands, i don’t see a model. There is no errors, just empty. I checked it with SWEP creator tool, and i found that model is upper to me. I tried to experiment with $origin in QC, but it still the same. Maybe i made a mistake in 3d max, i don’t know what to do. Can you help me, guys?

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.

When you’re making your reference.smd, make sure the weapon AND it’s bone is at center point (0,0,0)

thanks, i will try it.

UPD: It doesn’t work.

Problem was solved. I found my STUPID mistake. My old model with other origin was in garrysmod folder, the other new model, which i want to use was in addons folder. Gmod have a priority to gmod folder, not addons folder. Cause of this I was saw an old model with “bugs”.