A program that exports a texture out of the .BSP

Hey guys, I want to decompile a map, mg_ka_trains, which is a train, moving, I want to see how it is done, but I need the textures for the map, since I don’t have them, is there any program that extracts all the files, sounds, models, textures, and all that, from the .BSP file? Like, pakrat but reversed.

I use vmex, you can download it from fpsbanana I think.

i use vide

I normally decompile with that too, but it won’t decompile the textures with it.

Shudders Decompiling is fine, as long as you don’t re-release but yeah it won’t get the textures, VIDE and I think PakRat will.

I won’t re-upload, just wanna see the technique behind it. Too see if I can use this as bone, and recreate the whole “idea” in my own style.
Also, excuse me, but how does this VIDE work? I downloaded it, ran it, how to actually export a texture from a .bsp?

The textures are packed into the map.

I’m not sure if VIDE than extract them, but GCFScape can.

The trains map doesn’t have a moving train but a moving background and floor combined with animated textures, I think.

Pakrat and Map Analyst can both extract bspzip’d files from a bsp. You could always use the official bspzip tool also.




GCFScape is great; so easy to use, and VIDE can do just about everything the mentioned programs can.

Oh man, you’re my savior, thank you, and thank everyone. I got it.

Oh Yeah ~ZOMG is right, I forgot GCFScape can open up a .BSP and get the textures, do it that way it’s better.

Alright, will do.