A Prop Train?

Lol, This has stumped me for a long time, and I’ve looked all around for a tutorial to explain how in HL2 at the beginning, they made trains (Entities… Props) move. How would I be able to duplicate this effictively with a long train? And since I don’t want to make a new thread, since it’d probably be a waste, how do I blend textures, for exampe, A grass texture on the side of the train tracks and a dirt in the middle…

Does it go forever?

What I plan to make it do is to just test out making the train, me and a few friends are planning on making something and I’d like to know how to make the train continue on the track, have some nice, realistic turning, and all looking nicely put together… Right now, all I can find tutorialwise is just the Brush Train Tutorials, and those don’t offer me much help…

I actually just found a tutorial that will probably help me with this


And this one xD


I’d like to see a video <3



Too late…

to make a trin move (its probably completely explained in those tutorial links) well… to sum it up, make it a prop_dynamic then parent it to a moving entity (can be a func_door to a func_tanktrain) and there you go! moving prop! if you want the blend texture stuff you make sure the texture is a blend texture, use the face edit tool to make the visible surfaces displacements, then use the paint alpha tool and there you go!
paint away!

Ah, ok, cool, cleared up alot of things, thanks.