A proper anti-cheat/hack addon

Yes, the golden question…
What would you recommend?

ley ac?


JK; it seems that LeyAC and QAC are the only two publicly available that are updated.

Depends what you want.

want ALL cheaters gone and have $5 laying around? Get LeyAC

want MOST cheaters gone and are poor as fuck? Get QAC

Know LUA extensively/have a big community? Wait for HAC and get someone to fix it for you.

if you know Lua extensively then chances are you know how to write a better anti-cheat than many of the already released ones

What is HAC

HeX Anticheat

LeyAC is a solid anti-cheat and I currently use it on my server. It really surprised me because within two months of having it on I had 70+ cheaters banned. It uses a whitelist system and might be a pain at start to setup but I personally don’t see it any other way. I don’t want to seem like a spokesperson of something but I’m giving my honest opinion on the product.

The chances of anyone coding an AC better than hex’s is close to 0

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He may have gotten himself banned and shown he has a fucked up moral sense, but his AC is over 20,000 lines long and not many have bypassed.

actually no one has bypassed it.
few people managed to be undetected though, but all of them were C++/external cheats.

well define bypass. If you ignore his screen capture (which is ignores privacy completely) then yeah, he’s been bypassed by a few

I define bypass as bypass. Just like you would define a VAC bypass.
It gets around the AC fully. It allows you to do anything, just if HAC wasn’t there.
Nowadays, most people tend to confuse a “bypass” with being “undetected”.

Isn’t HAC the anticheat who fuck up the players it bans? Like key bindings and shit.

Yep does a whole bunch of fun stuff like restarting your computer, spamming friends on your friends list, then deleting them :dance:

Karma is a bitch, I guess.
But I don’t think doing all that is a fair punishment or treatment, a ban will do ( then I can always take it back if false positive etc. )

I think that a damn AC just should separate cheaters from players…Not fuck up your pc

This is false; It will get rid of a lot of cheaters, but not all.

I personally think it’s hilarious, but what I think is more hilarious is that hex’s ac bans for pretty trivial stuff.
If you have any sort of lua file in your lua directory, banned.
If you have a key bound to gm_spawn, banned.

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I personally don’t see the difference.

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Oubhack did, I remember HeX freaking out about it on steam about it.

I don’t know where people get the idea that more lines of code = better…

When you need to remove and reject access to a user (I’m not saying him it’s a hacker) for be hacking, you can’t just create something will remove ALL the hacks posible
There are lots of situations where the player can exploit and mess up with everything without a lua file or a bypass dll, maybe more lines of code it’s not better, but in my opinion mark a “I wrote this, because this fragment will avoid to a player run a command that could be exploited doing it”
It’s like code adaptation, with the time, your code will be growing because you can’t just set a flag for all existent hacks and you’ll need new ways to ban people without doing it on a unfair way