A proper dismemberment system.

I have been using gibmod for the longest time, and it works good, but i thought of something: What if, perhaps, it would be possible to have a dismemberment system that had limbs come OFF before exploding, instead of just vanishing. Basically a cross between gibmod and gibsplat.

I’m pretty sure it could be done, and it would be great if it was.

indeed, instead of the just exploding and leaving a stump of the regular textures? almost like fallouts (3 & NV) dismemberment system, no lag, no overloading with gore, just realistic blood and a leg (arm, head, etc) flying away :dance:

Maybe if Garry’s Mod used GameBryo, which is 5 years more advanced then the source engine. But this is the source engine. It would lag like hell.

It wouldn’t really be like that, it would be more along the lines of “Real” Dismemberment mod (limbs come off) mixed with gibmod’s exploding limbs and blood effects etc. (But limbs would explode AFTER coming off.

I know that in that old team fortress 2 gamemod there was proper decapitation. Perhaps someone could take the code from the decapitation and implant it into a regular addon.

It actually wouldn’t lag like hell, and GameBryo isn’t “5 years more advanced” just because of release date.
A proper dismemberment mod is more than possible, it’s just a lot of work :frowning:

Yeah, the source engine can totally handle that many entities.

Seriously, for every body part, you’d create 5 to 10 more entities with every dismemberment.

Not really, again, the limbs would come off which has already been achieved without much lag, then, they would explode after some more damage. with some scripting or something to make sure that limbs come off before exploding or something, you probably wouldnt need any entities at all, just some extra ragdolls.

Uh no, you wouldn’t create 5-10 entities per body part.

I have no clue how you could possibly come to that conclusion

There is something called REAL DISEMBERMENT MOD!!!1!11! But i don’t know where to find it. Howewer stuff that flies off disappears shortly after.

If you want a true dismemberment system you’re going to need models for the gibs when they are off, and shrink the playermodel and put a fleshy model or 3d2d texture at the point where you shrinked the bone, so it looks like it’s cut off.

Someone needs to copy happy wheels and turn it in to an addon

That would lag, a lot.