A PROPER NPC possessor? Possible?

We’ve seen pills.
We’ve seen SNPC posessors.
But what we’ve NEVER seen, is something that can control vanilla NPCs. (Dropships, Combine Soldiers, Alyx, Barney, Gunships, Manhacks etc.)

Is this even POSSIBLE? I see this comprehensible (for me, at this moment in time) code in Nutscript HL2RP that seems to be able to control city scanners and claw scanners. Tried replacing them with manhacks or hunter choppers or even other ground NPCs, but to no avail. (can’t control them)

Is this possible and why or why not? And will we ever see it?

(cough bored lua coders pls cough)

You could probably save the player’s current location, remove the target entity, set the player’s location and model to those of the entity, display an entity of sorts on the player’s old location, after a timer is done, reset the player back to the original body and spawn a new entity on the old pos.

Not sure how vanilla ents work though.