A proper TF2 Ragdoll Model Faceposer?

Could someone make a proper TF2 Faceposer, since the Garry’s Mod one fucks things up?

Or if it already exists, can you direct me to it? Because I have searched and haven’t ever found one.

And if it’s just my Garry’s Mod that does this then could someone tell me that…?

I have the same problem. All I do is just restrict the amount of movement I do on the sliders; I think that’s all we can do right now.

The Gmod one works fine, just don’t use presets.

There’s no problem with it.
All you should do is what Orange said.

Use the HMW models. You have a lot more freedom in faceposing them, but beware, their faceposer is far more complex and requires quite a bit of practice to understand how it works.

You can find the HMW models by browsing in the Team Fortress 2/player/HMW folder in Gmod.

Okay thanks guys.