A punch in the face

The second you freeze time, it all becomes clear :3

Also, Here’s a Screenshot comparison :slight_smile:
If you go into screenshot compare, you’ll see “1” and “2”
Inside 1 there’s the latest edit, and inside 2, there’s the last edit compared to the new

Really sweet looking. I’ve always loved your FPS poses. Ellis’s punch’d face also looks excellent.

Can’t think of anything to complain about.

Wait wait wait, it is Ellis who should be hurting Zoey, and speaking of which, why is she holding a camera instead of a dildo?

EDIT: Looked like a camera until I took a closer look at her hand.

Perfect posing on general, just perfect.

This will teach Ellis not to forget bringing Zoey’s dildos for his own punishment sessions.

Sweet posing.

Excellent, my only gripe is I’d suggest keeping the left hand further towards the edge of the frame, it distracts a little from the action. Otherwise brilliant.

Girl power! :3:

This is awesome man!

Nice. Pretty realistic.

Then, it wouldn’t look like Ellis tried to punch her…
Nothing is photographical correct in real life :stuck_out_tongue:
If someone wants to punch you, you’re not gonna align yourself so that the punch hits you in one of the four golden spots :stuck_out_tongue:

First person view man.
And no… Zoey is sick of it all :wink:

Vman and Chesty: Thanks, I appreciate your comments :slight_smile:

And to all others: Thank you very much for sitting down and writing a comment for me, if it’s just “awesome”, or “bad” or anything, really…
I give you guys a big Thank you :smiley:

Facepunch huh

nice pose and edit,

This reminds me of those old SEGA Genesis games where it’s a interactive movie in the first person.

I’ve updated the first post with a more edited one :wink:
and thanks ^^

Ellis wanted to repopulate the Earth, Zoey however, did not.

it somehow looks like the hand is merging with ellis face


Blood looks good, but a bit to much of it I think.

Extraordinary picture.

except, a bit to much blood

Yeah, I know what you mean I wen’t a bit crazy with the blood.
It’s hand drawn, but still XD

Reminds me of Zeno Clash.

Anyway, posing is good, editing is good - the only issue is there’s a bit too much blood but, hey, that’s why it’s a game.