A pure evil starts to rise in ctf_2fort


When blackbars invade. :hurr:
I can spot a few flaws myself (editing and posing) (for example medic’s head unfroze or something)
But still I’d like comments and ratings :3:

I like the idea and you pulled it off rather well. Have a funny :buddy:

Coulda had a naked [class] running around with a blackbar around his crotch.

Now THAT would have been brilliant.

I still don’t understand the big deal with black bars (and yes, I saw the blog post).

Good pic though.

Hahaha I was not expecting that mate, nice.

Oh wow why didn’t my imagination come up with that?
Propably because I wouldn’t install a nude male model for all the gold in the world. :3:

I don’t have any problems with blackbars, seems like I forgot to put that in OP.
Its just inspired by all those blackbar rants.