A pyro ambushing BLUs from behind

Kind of a failed attempt at remaking this:


Close enough.



The snipers face :v:

The drawing is fucking sexy!

looks pretty good, but the drawing looks badass

Good effort. The camera angle could be closer in though.

Freakin amazing.
Nice work, the fire coming from the rockets is amazing but the smoke looks a bit strange.

i like it!

Glow ruins it.

“x ruins it.”

I think such comments are so fucking dumb. “x is not so good, y is very good however, I like that.” is so much better. Give and take, that’s what this is all about.

I think however that the posing is excellent, among with the colors. I don’t like the high crate though. You could’ve Adv. Ballsocketed it to the world and lowered it, might have looked better.

Very nice!

it’s a map prop,from DoubleCross
couldn’t move it

Ah, oh well then