A Pyro defending C and a little bonus.



Haha. I love it. is there some sort of reference? I feel like you’re quoting something.

Also the bonus is quite interesting, the atmosphere and memory are great, the face could use a little more emotional depth though.


Wait a second. Does that sign behind them say “A” ?

Refrence to Kick-Ass which I saw last night, and the sign does say A. It’s on the last gravel point cap point and the tunnel to A and B have signs above them.

I thought it was a reference to MGS3, considering the Astronaut boss who wore that exact outfit(minus the fireproof jumpsuit)…

“I am the Pyro! My flames of frustration will make you ragequit!”



Major! I am against ze pyro! What can I do?

“Spy, throw a snake at him!”

Major, why would a snake help me in this fight?

“Trust me spy, snakes are awesome, and it would probably distract him long enough to get a shot off at his visor.”

Got it.


Sadly…I’ve never played any of the MGS games. :frown:

Looks like The Fury to me. I think thats what the bosses’ name was.

Yeah, the models/skins you used were made to make the pyro look like the Fury from mgs3.
Fun boss fight.

I love the Kick-Ass reference, which I thought of before I saw that was the inspiration. I love the reactions of the BLUs. The bonus is also very good.

Never knew that. Makes sense that the models called the fury. :v:

This aught to clear anything and everything up for y’all.

Very nice, I like it.