A Question About a Server Having the same file as I do, but changed.

If i join a server that has the same file as I do (lets say mac10icon.vtf), will it say “this file differs from the servers” or will it just replace it?

not sure about lua files

but with materials and models (except for serverside stuff like physics), the client’s files take priority

technically you don’t need material files on the server as it just wastes space

It will not replace it. The best solution is to move your materials and stuff to folders like


The only downside is that this can’t really be done with models without recompiling them.

hmm, lets say a server adds models, but something is wrong with the .phy file, cant the owner just replace it with a fixed one and keep the same name?

EDIT: I just got my answer from unrezt.

To answer this for anyone else curious… no you can’t you’ll have to rename it so people can download the correct files. Otherwise those people will have to manually go into their gmod and delete it themselves to download the fixed versions.