A question about resetting the map on a timer, when no players are on.

I was recently looking at a friends copy of (legit) OA, and I noticed that it is written to reset the map every 20 minutes if a player is not connected. I was wondering why so I thought I would ask here.

Can anyone tell me any valid reasons for why you would want to do this?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Cleans up the server, optimisation. Also if a minge comes in and spams, in 20 minutes it will automatically be cleaned up without anyone having to worry.

Considering the server isn’t thinking etc at the time if no players are on, it’s not exactly useful.

It’s one of the best ideas to do if you’re running a server on garrysmod. If the server is inactive, the map might as well be cleaned up and reset for the next players who join in.