A question about sv_downloadurl.


I’m about to set up a fast download server for my Garry’s Mod server. I have uploaded my " cache " folder, to download LUA, I put the .bz2 file of gm_construct_flatgrass_v5 into the " maps " folder, I put only the bz2, not the original map, but there are some things I want to know.

For addons which contain materials/models/sounds/resources, or things which are not LUA, must I keep the " addon architecture " ( I mean orangebox/garrysmod/addons/buddy_finder/materials/models/weapons/v_buddyfinder.vmt ), or must I put them all into " orangebox/garrysmod/materials/models/weapons/v_buddyfinder.vmt " ?

Also, I will probably install player models ( I know it’s really useless, but useless things is what I love because it’s what it is different from " standard servers ". ), and I need to force the download of materials/models to the client, I’ll use ULX for that. But is ULX compatible with sv_downloadurl, so will it look for the materials/models on my fast server, where I’ll put the .bz2 of the content of the skin, or will it look for the game server, so low speed download?

Thanks in advance.

Edit :

Maybe a stupid question, but must I put things which will not be downloaded by the client, like materials and models from phx3? I heard that the architecture of your fast download server must be the exact same as your game server, but does it mean that EVERY file must be uploaded? Client, unless I force them to, will not download Wire models / anything from PHX3, so is that really useful that I put these addons on my fast download server?

Edit 2 :

I just tested to download the compressed map from Firefox and it’s really awesome, I downloaded it at over 800 kb/s, I hope it will work.

Edit 3 :

I just saw I will need to create a .res file for the map, what must I put in it?