A question about the HLDS Update Tool


I was thinking of hosting a gmod server and found the GMod wiki tutorial on how to do so.
What I was wondering is how much the batch script for the updater is going to download. I’ve seen people commenting
on how long it takes and I really don’t want it downloading all the games again as I’ve already
done so through steam. Any help would appreciated (an answer in gigabytes would be good).


Well it basicly downloads all the models and sounds from the games you have selected to be there, so I’d say it’s almost as big as the games you currently have.

Maybe I’m just grasping straws but you might be able to drag-and drop from the Steam folder, even though it’s a big chance it won’t work.

Just leave the .bat file overnight or something

I think the average installation comes out to something like 6-10 GB depending on what content you have installed. I haven’t looked at my installs in a while, so I can’t be completely sure on that figure.

I own almost all :Source games, therefore I updated all of them. The folder ended up in 20GB+