A question about the ScriptEnforcer.

Let’s say, I have ScriptEnforcer enabled on my server.
I have a file in my server with the path lua/autorun/abc.lua.
When a client joins, and he has a file with the same path but different contents, what will happen?

  • Will the code in my file run and his will be simply ignored?
  • Or will he be kicked for Lua file inconsistency?

The file from your server will be ran, given that you included it in the cache.

I don’t think player will be kicked, only if sv_scriptenforcer is set to 2.
Or he has a SE bypass.

Basically, anything outside cache is ignored when scriptenforcer is enabled.


Oh damn. Are there even such things?
How can I detect or prevent them?

There is a plenty, and people say they aren’t even that hard to make (never tried myself, cba). Some are distributed with paid hacks like SethHack or BaconBot (not sure if that’s still around). Either way, there isn’t really a way to detect SE bypasses from Lua (unless you try and detect on the lua part of some specific hack, or you are a genius), so the only way would be to have a sensible admin team that will watch out for hackers.

Then I guess I’m a genius, because I just figured out the only way to detect SE bypasses through Lua!

Tell me :s


Md5 checks… ?

No… And I’m not going to share it with anyone else. That would be stupid.

I would guarantee you that I can join your server with my custom SE/SE2 bypass and you won’t detect me with pure lua. It’s just not happening.

Welcome to last year dude

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What do you mean?

I mean I did it last year.

Aw, well, I didn’t know. :v:
Imma still do it myself tho.

Ok big boy :v:

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Perfect answer.

Yes, because detecting cheats is super hard!!!1

Found this but I still don’t know how to detect it. Everything is local and hooks are randomly named.