A question about the spawn menu.

I recently watched the instructional video about making a car in Gmod, and I noticed something weird. The prop icons in the narrator’s spawn menu would spin when he hovered the cursor over them. Should all copies of the game be able to do this? Mine can’t…

This feature is actually implemented into the game. To put it in the easiest terms, the picture that you see in the menu (thumbnail) is only rendered in 2d to save icon-render time and a lot of unnecessary cpu usage. When you click on the prop to spawn it, you have now created a 3d version of the object, which is now viewable by the menu. So when you put your mouse over the object at first, it won’t spin. When you spawn it, and put the cursor over the icon again it will spin.

Nah, it still doesn’t work for me. I guess it’s not that big a deal; I just thought it would be cool. Thanks anyway.

Yeah, I kinda wanted to know how to do this too. Seems cool :smiley:

It’s from the old 2006 version of Gmod. It had different menus than the current one.

Pretty sure that was a pre-ep2 update thing

fuckin ninjas

Odd, because it works for me :slight_smile: