A Question for Master Garry...

Hey Garry I recently found out about the Rust Concepts Trello page, and was just wondering how many of those concepts will actually make it into the game?

I’m not garry but you can try asking him here: http://ask.fm/garryjnewman

He doesn’t respond to every question though, and there are periods where he doesn’t answer many so you just have to get lucky.

Pretty sure they stopped updating that trello months ago, it made me sad :cry:

the trello was originally very active, being used for all progress for the game. basically everything there was either being developed in consideration for being put into the game, or on it’s way in.

unfortunately it seems trello sucks for keeping stuff organised, so they moved to github. which got spammed by unnecessary commentary and ended up either closed down or made private…so now we have the devblog and thats about it.

Lol i dont see the point of all those different things…face punch forums…done.