A question on ragdoll hexing

I’m new to hexing ragdolls, and the tutorials out there helped some, but I still need some help. Heres what I believe must be done, please correct the ones that are wrong:
1.Rename models with same amount of characters
2.Keep same material names, but change name of folder
3.Hex model with hex editor

Also, when changing the name of a vmt, do I just put the directory starting at models, and then work my way down, or do I start with the name of the folder?

That seems about right. You missed one last step, though. You’ll need to edit the .vmts to point to the new folder location (eg. replace $basetexture “models/firstmodel/texture1” with $basetexture “models/hexedmodel/texture1”)

And you would normally only change the last folder in a material name path. So if the textures are normally in /materials/models/ports/mainguy, you’d normally change it to /materials/models/ports/hexdguy or something. Technically, though, you could do anywhere - I’ve seen some that renamed “models” to “modelv” and it works.

Oh thanks man. I has been seeing great skins all over I want hexed, and I can finally do all of them now. thanks again.

You can change the names of the materials if you want, just be sure to rename the associated .vmt. It’s more handy if you’re just changing one texture.

Another good alternative to the hex editor is notepad++. Most recently, I hexed 23 models and repathed over 100 vmts in under 5 minutes with three commands using the find and replace feature.

Also, when working with XVI or notepad or notepad++, be sure you are overwriting characters and not writing new ones. Make sure [insert] is on, or you may cause errors that could crash the game or make the model just not spawn. If you’re feeling dangerous, you can make texture names shorter too, just add more null spaces (to to left column of XVI and type in 00) for the extra end characters.

It came to my mind that you don’t have to re-name the folder (if you don’t want to, because you could easily edit the name of the VMT used. Step 1 is correct, 2 is wrong because you don’t need to rename the folders and 3 is Recommended, because it’s easier than editing using Note- or even WordPad.