A Question regarding Injustice 2 PC

So, it’s been officially announced that Injustice 2 is being released for PC later this year. And the beta for Steam opens tomorrow. My question is, when people find the tools to extract the character models assets and start porting them, does that only work on the full version of the game, or are we able to start experimenting once the beta is released?

NinjaRipper will most likely be able to extract stuff from any version of the game. However, the proper extraction with bones and skinning is a long way. Usually only Gildor was doing work in this field and he doesn’t like to work with beta and alpha versions if there is going to be a final version soon.

I hope Ed Boon wasn’t trolling about a PC release. Check out his twitter.

Did you miss the bit where a public beta starts tomorrow?

I hope I’m wrong… Look at this https://twitter.com/InjusticeGame/status/922943647141777409