A question that needs to be answered.

Once opon a time I thought I had too many addons. So I re-installed Garry’s Mod. So it gave me a Toybox addon folder. WHICH WAS EMPTY. Now can someone continue this story and tell me where to get a new Toybox folder that’s not empty? The End.

Afaik your toybox folder is supposed to be empty. when you download something, it gets saved to the toybox folder.

Oh. Then why can’t I click a download on Toybox In-Game? I click it and it doesn’t do anything when it’s supposed to be downloading.

You waited for it a little? Toybox is a little… slow, sometimes.

Yes, I did.

You have a legit copy of Garry’s Mod, and you’re connected to the internet? If Yes to both, I’m out of options.

it was down for awhile it should work now though