A question to TF2's movie makers on GMod

Hey there, first post on facepunch !
I watched many movies made with GMod, and in most of them, the TF2’s voice lines are mixed to make new sentences.
The question is simple, how is it done ? I thought that may be with a GMod addon, but I didn’t find it on the workshop, nor on the internet. It can be made with a third party program, but I think that’s kinda hard to do, look on the wiki for lines that contains the words/sounds you want, download all of them, then cut everything, then add them to your video… That’s a pain.
Voilà, thanks for reading my post.

If I did it, I would cut together the vocals in an audio editor, then sync the audio up to the video.

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Just use Audacity, a free audio editor, to change the sentences. Also, yes, use GFScape, although I think the current version is obsolete due to the changes in file formats (but I could be wrong).

Thanks for all your answers !
So there isn’t a GMod addon for that :confused:
I knew about Audacity, but I hoped another solution existed. Mythos is right, since Steam Pipe every TF2 files are in the TF2’s install dir, in SteamApps/common, and all the files are in VPKs archives.

You’ll also need a video editing program like Windows Movie Maker, other advanced programs exist though. (But they will cost you some money!)
PS: You’re also gonna need some skill and knowledge about editing, where you put in sound and pictures.