A question

So i’ve seen on official rust page on steam they’ve updated minimal system requirments to 8gb of ram. I am running my game on 20ish fps most of the time, so im wondering if i would upgrade to 8gb would it make any difference in performance?
My pc:
CPU: A6-6400K Dual Core 4,1ghz
GPU: Gigabyte NVIDIA GT 630 1gb
RAM: 4gb

Upgrading the ram most likely won’t give you better performance at all unless your ram is maxing out, the only reason the minimum specs are 8gb is because at the moment rust uses a lot of ram (3.9gb on my computer, but I run on max settings so it would probably use a bit more then yours). and use to have a memory leak. If you want better performance, from looking at your specs the biggest downfall of your system would have to be your graphics card, upgrading that will have the biggest performance boost for your system.

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upgrading to a quad core processor would help a bit too.

Okay,ty :slight_smile:

when i runned it for 2 days the Memoryleak at up to 11GB usage which was Hilarious

can you tell me your system specs?

i7 6700k @ 4.2ghz
16gb ram @ 2400mhz
Gtx 970
Everything run on ssd’s. No hdd’s
Windows 10

I average 70-100 frames everything maxed out on full hd 1920x1080p

I’ve decided to swap my gt 630 for a r7 360 graphics card. Hopefully i will be having playable fps after upgrade :slight_smile:

I upgraded my ram from 4 gbs to 12 gbs of ram, my fps was very crappy, I had a 8 core 1.6 GHZ processor, and a gpu with 1 gb of vram. And before I would get at the most 36 fps but normally at 24 - 12 fps. Upgrading ram hardly made a difference on fls, but sometimes made the fps smoother.

But it decreased the loading time from 15 minutes to 2 - 5 minutes.

In the long run it can be worth it, but it really won’t make much of a difference.

Just an observation but I think it might be relevant in some cases. If you’re running a 32bit OS it can only use 4GB RAM.