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I seem not to be able to buy cars from a gun dealer or medic. This code is Comes from darkrp svn fresh install unedited. Is there some command to turn it on or some thing or do i add AddCustomVehicle(“Jeep”, “models/buggy.mdl”, 100 ) ect… to where the shipments because it says examples: and does not say add there but if so thats true where do i add them if its not added there? Do i add them where the gun shipments are

How to add custom vehicles:
go ingame, type rp_getvehicles for available vehicles!
AddCustomVehicle(<One of the vehicles from the rp_getvehicles list>, <Model of the vehicle>, <Price of the vehicle>, <OPTIONAL jobs that can buy the vehicle>)
AddCustomVehicle(“Jeep”, “models/buggy.mdl”, 100 )
AddCustomVehicle(“Airboat”, “models/airboat.mdl”, 600, {TEAM_GUN})
AddCustomVehicle(“Airboat”, “models/airboat.mdl”, 600, {TEAM_GUN, TEAM_MEDIC})

Add those lines under your custom shipments. At the bottom of this file or in data/CustomShipments.txt

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Note they dont show in both Medic and gun dealer class just shows money printers