A Quick Question

I haven’t bought rust yet simply because I’m waiting for it to develop a bit more before i decide to give my money to facepunch but my question is that, well lets say i wanna build a city cause i like building is it allowed? AND I mean a CITY not just a couple of bases besides each other because this is probably going to take me weeks if not months. It will have its market district, city hall, police station, etc. This is probably going to be the size of a mountain.Players would have to buy their own house with some sort of currency(have an idea?) and jobs. So if it is allowed can i find a server which will NOT wipe to vanilla like ever?

If you want to do this you are probably going to have to host your own. Most people aren’t going to want anyone taking up that much real estate on their map, or the potential lag associated with it. You might find a creative server that will let you, but often they end up wiping to tidy up regularly.

There are mods for currency, and you would probably want to disable decay.

It’s not going to work out, building wise yes there is alot of space.

The thing is that most servers wipe within a month. Or you simply get killed all the time.


There are servers where you spawn with wood and you can do /kit wood to obtain it. So if you’re
not interested in finding the resources yourself and join a server like that, then it’s possible but be prepared to loose it all.

You could however purchase your own server for 20 bucks (ish) per month, which means you decide when to wipe and decide if you give yourself wood.

Just for fun, or your own experience.

Wipes are a fact of life in alpha. You should not plan any kind of long-term projects yet because of this.

The devs want Rust servers to develop player-run towns, but the tools aren’t there to really do that yet, unless you use admin/mod commands to give yourself tons and tons and tons of wood and metal. This is what Rust is supposed to be… eventually.

Hold onto this dream, because you’re completely on the right track, it’s just not something that’s going to work this early in Rust’s development.