A Quick Question

I haven’t bought rust yet simply because I’m waiting for it to develop a bit more before i decide to give my money to facepunch but my question is that, well lets say i wanna build a city cause i like building is it allowed?
AND I mean a CITY not just a couple of bases besides each other because this is probably going to take me weeks if not months. It will have its market district, city hall, police station, real estate, etc.
This is probably going to be the size of a mountain.Players would have to buy their own house with some sort of currency(have an idea?) and jobs, and the only thing you would have to pay for is an entrance fee for some sort of global currency(not actual money but in game items) . So if it is allowed what currency should i use? Would someone like to help me? Can i find a server which will NOT wipe to vanilla like ever? :zoid:

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I guess it is possible on an RP (role playing) server

you have some interesting ideas

As a server owner who already thought of this, it is VERY taxing on the server. I have tried to make a town that players could loot (with custom loot boxes and resource nodes).

My server is called Wild-Wild-Rust and I tried to make a player town only to have it create lots of lag so I had to remove all of it. My entire town was about 1/20 the scale you are thinking of too. The software limitations of Rust cant handle the massive amount of objects you would need. Works in minecraft but not Rust, sorry.

City it’s not possibily for the moment, its more bigger