A quick survey!


Please post what resolution you play Garry’s Mod in. (If windowed, then post the windowed resolution, not your monitor’s.)


1600x900 windowed


1920x1080 fullscreen window

1600x900 Windowed

1680 x 1050 W

1600x900 windowed

Windowed 1152x864

1680 x 1050 (-window -noborder -w 1680 -h 1050)

1280x720 windowed.

Wait, why do you guys play windowed?

1920x1080 fullscreen window.

1920x1080 fullscreen.

It’s fullscreen window. You can go between two monitors without the game raping itself.

1280x720 windowed noborder

I play windowed so I can click out whenever I want. It’s faster than alt-tabbing out of fullscreen for me.

1920x1080 -windowed -noborder.

1280x720 windowed, simply for convenience when switching tasks without the game completely dying.

1920x1080 fullscren window (-sw -noborder)

1600x900 windowed noborder

I play window so I can go to Dreamweaver and check what lines are what while coding.


5760x1080 full screen