A quick sv_downloadurl question

If I had an sv_downloadurl for my server, would I have to completely mirror the entire server onto the sv_downloadurl or could I just put the bigger things there such as models/textures/sounds/maps? And using bzip2 with it, would it have to be one bzip2 or could it be multiple ones, like one bzip2 for each map?


I have the same question. I’ve used sv_downloadurl on my TF2 server to download only maps. I’d like to do the same with Garry’s Mod. Since my addon content is constantly changing due to SVN updates, it’s tedious to constantly update the dua folder.

Could Gmod be designed to check the offsite location first and, if the files are not available there, switch back to downloading directly from the server? Then, as Kybalt said, you only need to post large files offsite.


Nevermind, I got my answer here.

Still, I think my suggestion should be entertained if possible. Are you reading this, Garry? :v:

FastDL works as a mirror for each file. Therefore all the contents are required.