A quick VMT Generator made by myself

some time ago, i got some (many) textures and i need to write vmt for them.
that’s really crazy, so i use vb6 to write a program.
Walkedby’s VMT Generator. (ah, first time post here.)

this helps create a lot of vmt files and it has some options to choose.
and it can save Templates. very useful.(at last, for me.)

how to use:
1.drag vtf files into the list.

2.choose and write parameters you want.

3.click “Generate VMT”

(ah, of course,no virus inside.)

hope this could help some of you guys.

Cool stuff, but maybe this would get better attention in the Mapping section. Maybe ask a mod to move this thread.

Thread moved, only just noticed it being in GD, not really the place for it.
Really it sits somewhere between mapping and modelling because its texture related, sure someone can find some use of it though.