A quite comical player model request

well, i think it’s funny anyway :confused:

anyway, this is what i want:

the leg models from the model on the left
link here http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=51716


(i used the inflator tool to show you the cut legs)

i want those legs placed on the male_02 body at the waist


(the main part, that looks to be the hardest)

i want his face to be replaced by a PC monitor
so in the end it looks like this…


and i also need a female vesion


crazy, yes…
here are the links needed for the models
normal human skins

combine skin

pc skins, not sure if you would need it, but here it is anyway…

thanks for looking =D

i’m sure you can do this on 3dsmax just cutting bits off,
anyway, i’m planing to do a reskin of this aswell

can someone give me the heads up if this is too hard (impossible)

Hi, I’m a Mac.

And I’m a PC.

This is actually extremely easy to do, all it requires is some basic knowledge of a 3D modeling program, an mdl decompiler, and knowing how to rig.

Unfortunately I am not willing to do this for you nor can I provide any tutorial links due to the fact that I’m on an iPod touch at the moment. My best suggestion is to use Google.

great! thanks for the heads up, i’ll do that now

ok, i’m not finding any sites that can show me how to start going about making this model.

can someone find some links?