a ragdoll of Yuna from FFX-2 ?

Hi, I think I searched on all facepunch and other site but didn’t find any Yuna ragdoll
well, I found no FFX/FFX-2 models at all, exept Rikku.
If there’s someone who could tell me where to get Yuna I would be happy. And if these models doesn’t exist anymore, could someone please tell me?

There appears to be one when I searched for it on google (link above), but i’m slightly scared of clicking on any of those links :S

There’s a yuna model on S-Low’s website.

Mickey’s right. Here’s the link.

And there’s Tidus

Thanks, it’s far from perfect, but it’ll do … I …guest.
Well, it sure is better than what I could do (I don’t know how to do models >_>)


If anyone find a better one, please tell me. :slight_smile:

okay i really don’t know how to get S-low models in garrys mod i tried everything but it doesn’t work so i don’t go there anymore

to get them to work, I extracted the “models” and “materials” folder that are in
< downloadserver/cstrike > in the *.7z file.
and I extracted them in < garrysmod/addons/final fantasy - yuna(or whatever you want it named) >

Anyway, I’m not gonna download S-low model anymore… I don’t really like them. >_>

they look like Stretch Armstrongs O_O

woah thats a bit random, I said I was gonna port a few of these when I got round too it so i’ll see if i can get at least a better set of models for posing with at least.

FFXmodels are somewhat unique. each texture uses transparency, and source can’t handle that.

then the next issue, flipped polygons where there are random holes all throughout the model. the new converter may unify for you, but your still stuck with alot of double polygons, which 3dsmax does not like. you can either delete them one by one or correct the smooth groups

good news is the new converter extract the models fully rigged with skeleton.

the problem is the materials and the layering for any transparency. and it’s probably why each port of any FFX character isn’t very great

A low-threshold vertex weld (as in 0.001 – the lowest it’ll go) will take care of those double polygons for the most part. At that point it’s simply a matter of flipping the normals. Then you gotta worry about those textures, like Mario said. They’re split into channels or something and you have to merge them together to get the original…are the alphas really that bad, though? I didn’t have any trouble with alpha when porting Rikku.

I’d like to see this new converter, though.

Oh, and ShadowMax, those rigs are atrocious :stuck_out_tongue: Not bad for a first try, though.

welding doesn’t eliminate doublepolygons though. that’ll cause smoothing errors like no tomorrow. O_O

shrug tell that to my ragdoll >_>

EDIT: woo, post 7^3!

They work just like any other GMod models (for the most part, some just come up as “error” for me and nothing I do will fix them).

haha, XD , they aren’t mine. I was just showing that S-low’s models weren’t really great.

oh FFS, just look at my thread on it, its pretty simple as now the engine can use transparancie overlays, and you can double side the faces of models or just let milkshape and the textures fix it, and your set for rigging.