A ragdoll request

this is a ragdoll request.

Is anyone familiar with Celeste Morne?? The girl from the “The old Republic” comics?
here’s a link---->> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Celeste_Morne

i’m a big fan of SW, and a way bigger fan of Her…
so i decieded to make this request for a ragdoll…to play around with her^^


normally, model requests should be made in the Model/Skin Request part of facepunch
a mod might come along in a sec and move it, but just remember that for furtre threads

Also, please make your thread title more like “Celeste Morne ragdoll from Star Wars” Instead of “Help” or “Request”.

your a fan of a drawing? how sad. and yes, put this in the request part

sorrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy next time i will be more “watchful”