A rainy afternoon in a ghost town[1080p]

Seems someone scraped the lens

The rain has no depth, it dosen’t look like rain even and the reflection is decent, just dosen’t look like water.

dis some 1080p shit it’s like rl almost n1 m9

It resized it. Weird. I’ve uploaded it as 1920x1080. I’ll reupload it in a bit.

Too bright to be raining.

it’s spring and sunny in the right direction deal with it

Sometimes it rains and there arent too many dark clouds coveing the sun… Jesus christ, use your brains.

He’s offering advice of making it darker, and he’s right, it’s too light.

w/e. I’ve reuploaded in full size, It’s 1920x1080 now.

the rain really just looks bad, it’s either invisible in some places, looks like scratches in others, and lacks depth

The reflections are nice, but the shadows are way off, like the car’s. And the rain doesn’t look like rain at all.

I didnt touch the shadows. They are the default Source shadows.

Rave, Where??
Nice idea not really rain like

The best part is reflection. Other part need some improvement. Try to add more interesting point.

Is this picture about Pripyat?