"A rainy day" - Badass medic walking in the rain

Yes, the rain is pretty shitty…but that’s the best I could do.

You can’t exactly tell that it’s raining. Collar looks a bit funky, and to be honest the image as a whole is a bit boring.

You pushed his neck too far down. Just tilt his head down, if that’s what you were aiming for.

The rain doesn’t have the right shape. Right now it looks a bit like snow. If you want rain, try making the lines longer. Also get some more rain splashes on the character. I see some, but it could use more. (unless you planned for light rain, ignore that.)

I’m trying to point out faults in the picture, but I’m not sure what you were going for in the picture, so sorry if I am an idiot :downs:

No, you told me exactly what I wanted to know.
Thank you, I will try making PROPER rain next time.
However, Just to clarify, I didn’t push his neck down at all. I just tilted his head down and for some reason it makes it look like he has no neck.

If he folded the collar of his coat up to cover his neck, there wouldn’t still be a collar folded down.

I understand it would be more difficult to edit, but seriously, right now he apparently has a collar attached to his collar.