A rainy night in the streets.

Thread music :


Sexy lighting + rain.


Here have wood

I see SGT. Frog above the street vendor!

Great editing job.

Is that woman over there handing a hitman suitcase to a hitman?
Anyways, Good job!

Have a pallet,

  • Rain is sexy
  • The picture could be many a thing, post zombie war safe zone, communist country, occupied enemy city
  • Lighting is smooth and realisitc
  • Great detail put into the rain splashes on the ground and objects

The splashes are great but the way the rain is fluorescent at the top of the picture is odd, as are the massive changes in direction.

Very nice, have a pallet.

Very nice. Great editing :slight_smile: have a pallette

Reminds me of Blade Runner.

What’s the name of that map? Looks interesting.

Yeah, what is the maps name? I want it too.

Calm poses about something pre-war aren’t so common, nice.

nt_redlight from Neotokyo.

Looks realy good. But i think it needs to be a bit brighter.

Looks awesome man, looked like downtown New York until I saw the Neo-Tokyo dude with the assault rifle in the back :v:

I spy with my little eye a Hitman!!!.. or Woman??


Notice the hitman symbol on case :smug: I sure love them sneaky critters

This reminds me of umbrellas and Mondays. Nice rain. Arty it is.

Nice pic, good job man.
But the rain looks like its glowing or something.