A random orc getting fried by a random of-screen mage in a random basement.

That is what I call a good thread title.



Took quiete a long time to get the lightning right, and Still im not to pleased.

(Would anybody like a tut. for the lightning?)

Comment and stuff or you will explode.


there goes me

Nice lightning.

Wheres the picture?

Right there on the internet page.

The dust goes nastily over the lightning but good otherwise.

very nice lighting.
I was expecting something warhammer 40k though…

Is he going to explode?

Holy shit!

More comments?

Also, what is it that I’m the only user that barely gets ratings? D:

Ah yes the classic cloud lightning effect, sure ide like a tutorial for it, i can get it to point where it looks like lightning but not on the picture very well.

thought it was about WoW…>_>